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Lanosoft specializes in soft water soaps for laundry, personal care, and household cleaners designed specifically for soft water homes. Lanosoft has been providing these specialized soft water soap products for over fifty years and are a reputable name in the water treatment industry. The personal care soft water soap products utilize natural occurring ingredients designed to exfoliate the skin and moisturize the body. The soft water soaps and cleaners are packed with strong, naturally occurring, soil emulsifiers that remove the most stubborn food and grease stains while preventing streaking and spotting. Lanosoft has the soft water soap solutions you’re looking for!

StarBrite Automatic Dishwashing Packets

Unique phosphate free formulation eliminates the need for pre-washing and leaves dishes virtually spotless. Concentrated dishwasher packets that wipe out greasy residue and dulling film for an entire day’s dishes. Safe for septic tanks. 

LanoSoft Rust Stain Remover

Convenient liquid dissolves the toughest rust stains on contact. Perfect for vertical surfaces and hard to reach areas. Removes ugly rust stains from tubs, sinks, showers, tile, and toilets. Safe for septic tanks. Contains no phosphates.  

Radiance Liquid Body Wash

Deep cleans for visibly healthier skin long after you shower. Radiance Body Wash contains Aloe Vera and vitamin E with no dyes or heavy perfumes. It makes you feel clean and fresh and helps replenish moisture for softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Purefresh Liquid Laundry Soap

PureFresh Liquid Laundry Soap is a concentrated soft water soap that has a quality-water formulation that works with all temperatures and all colors to deliver one superior result-bright! PureFresh is formulated to remove stains, tough dirt and odors using cleaning ingredients that are safe for the environment. Liquid Laundry Soap is 2X concentrated and is safe for all washers, including HE. One 50 oz. bottle of the concentrated soft water soap will clean 33 loads.

LanoSoft Gleam All-Purpose Cleaner

Gleam All-Purpose Cleaner is a powerful, all-natural formula that wipes out the toughest stains in kitchens, baths and on most hard surfaces. A biodegradable cleaner that contains no petroleum based surfactant or dyes. Gleam is biodegradable and phosphate free.

GentleWave Oatmeal Cleansing Bar

GentleWave is a French-milled Oatmeal Cleansing Bar with vitamin E and Aloe Vera that features a natural, fresh fragrance and moisturizing benefits. GentleWave cleansing bar will stimulate your senses with a pleasant almond smell and moisturizing glycerin.

Gentlewash Liquid Hand Soap

LanoSoft Liquid Hand Soap with vitamin E and Aloe Vera has a natural fragrance and contains no dyes. GentleWash formula lathers to a rich full-bodied head and rinses away easily. Created to wash the skin gently and effectively while keeping your skin velvety smooth.

SpringFresh Liquid Dish Soap

has unique soil emulsifiers and soil suspending agents that remove the most stubborn foods and grease while preventing streaks, spots, and etching. A biodegradable dish soap with soothing vitamin E and Aloe Vera for soft, smooth hands.


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