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Deicing Salts

50% off Freight on your First Semi Truck Load of Deicing Salt.

Vern Dale Water Experts help retailers and other businesses conveniently and affordably get their wholesale deicing salt products delivered reliably and economically.

Wholesale Deicing Salts

Stock up on deicing salt for the tough winter.

Keep your customers, store, and business in supply of top ice melt brands with Vern Dale.

We have a variety of wholesale deicing salts to melt ice fast, even in extremely low temperatures. Vern Dale also features a pet-friendly alternative so you can safely melt ice and snow without worrying about your special friends.

Wholesale Deicing Salt - Vern Dale Water Experts

Below are our wholesale deicing salts available for delivery.

Diamond Crystal Winter Melt

Winter Melt Deicing Salt
  • Unique sizing mixture of large and small crystals of natural sodium chloride.
  • The small crystals melt on contact and large crystals provide longevity and instant traction.
  • Works best at temperatures of 5 degrees Fahrenheit and above.
  • Leaves no oily residue.
  • Available in 25 and 50 lb. bags.

Peladow Calcium Chloride

Peladow Calcium Chloride Pellets
  • Give off heat as they dissolve, melting ice faster and at lower temperatures, as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Melts more so you can use less and leaves no powdery residue.
  • Safe on concrete and vegetation when used correctly.
  • Available in 50 lb. bags in pellets.

Diamond Crystal Jiffy Melt

Diamond Crystal Jiffy Melt
  • Available in 40 lb. bags and 12 lb. jugs.
  • Jiffy Melt is a specially formulated blend of magnesium chloride and sodium chloride which allows for fast action and lower application rates.
  • This blend is a cost effective choice to premium blends and more expensive substitutes and melts down to -5 degrees.


Diamond Crystal Greenmelt Ice Salt Professional Strength
  • A green-tinted, high performance ice melter containing a blend of sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides for faster, colder temperature melting than regular rock salt.
  • GreenMelt® ice melter is green-tinted for easy-to-see coverage on ice and packed snow.
  • Melts down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pet Friendly Ice Melter

Diamond Crystal Pet Friendly Ice Melter Sno-Paws
  • Diamond Crystal® Sno-Paws® pet-friendly ice melter is specially formulated to keep people and pets safer.
  • Its veterinarian preferred formula contains organic performance boosting chips to provide more melting at colder temperatures than urea alone.
  • Sno-Paws® melts ice at the same low temperature as salt while having none of the harsh chlorides that can irritate pets paws.
  • Its green tint allows you to easily see the granules to make applying even easier.

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