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Solutions tailored to meet your business needs

Commercial water treatment and the resulting clean water is essential for maintaining high-quality production in a variety of industries such as fabrication, food preparation, manufacturing and agriculture. That’s why it’s important for business owners to know about the water quality and mineral content at their facilities in order to head-off potential issues.

Vern Dale has extensive experience in solving water issues for commercial and industrial applications. We offer high flow softeners, large commercial reverse osmosis systems, customized whole facility cartridge filters, and custom designed systems. We are a Certified Public Water Systems Contractor and can work within EPA regulations. We maintain systems for hotels, schools, manufacturing facilities, and offices.

Vern Dale offers service and maintenance options to ensure your system operates properly. We have highly trained service technicians and a quick response time, reducing downtime and lost work. We carry a wide range of salt products and can provide automatic delivery service to your business.

How to get started: 

  • It begins with a free water analysis, accompanied by recommendations and an installation plan. 
  • Next, we email you with a quote for the recommended equipment. We offer free professional installation of all products standard with purchase of our systems! 
  • Upon approval we provide you with a map of the installation. 
  • We remove any old equipment and install your new system.

Water Softeners

Ultimate Softener Water Treatment System

Hard water can wreak havoc in your business. The mineral content in untreated water can be corrosive — shortening the lifespan of your equipment and plumbing connections. In addition, hard water decreases the cleaning capacity of soap, resulting in stains and residue. Fortunately, Vern Dale Water Experts can pinpoint the issue, recommend and install the best solution for your specific situation.

Water Treatment Systems

RO Systme Commerical

Factors such as sulfur, iron and bacteria can drastically impact the safety, purity, taste and smell of your water — compromising the integrity and quality of your products and services. The variety of water treatment systems has grown significantly over the past few years. Let Vern Dale Water Experts analyze your water and identify the right solution to restore safe, clean water for your business.

Softener and Specialty Salts

Pros Pick Dura-Cube Ultra High Purity Salt

An essential element, salt has been used for thousands of years in water treatment, food preparation and maintaining the health of livestock. Vern Dale Water Expert’s diverse selection of salt products means we have the right product whether it be for agriculture, food preparation, water softening or maintaining swimming pools.

Filters and Other Replacement Products

Carbon Filter GAC

Our products are simple to maintain and our selection of filters, cleaners and additives makes it easy to keep your system in tip-top shape.

Water Coolers and Bottled Water

Water Cooler Service - Bottled Office Water

Water coolers and bottled water are a convenient and economical way for you to provide your employees, clients and customers with pure, great tasting water. For added convenience, ask about our automatic water delivery.

Deicing Salt

Winter Melt Deicing Salt

Salt has long been used as an effective deicer which can be applied in a variety of environments. Vern Dale Water Experts has a diverse selection of products to meet your specific deicing needs.

Service and Repair

Vern Dale Water Experts Water Softener Installation and Service

Our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should you need help, our team of dedicated service technicians are available for onsite support.