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Softener Salts

50% off Freight on your First Semi Truck Load of Commercial Water Softener Salts.

Vern Dale Water Experts help retailers and other businesses conveniently and affordably get their commercial water softener salt products delivered reliably and economically.

Commercial Water Softener Salts

Softening salts demineralize, prevent rust stains and more.

Vern Dale Water Experts carries a variety of premium-purity (up to 99% pure) commercial water softener salts. You can choose cubes, blocks, pellets or crystals, as well as targeting particular problems such as extra hardness or high iron concentration.

  • Deliveries from one skid to full trailer loads available
  • Servicing all Ohio and surrounding states
  • Prompt delivery
  • Rebate Program
  • Pick Up available at our location with discounted wholesale pricing available
  • Family owned and operated business committed to excellent customer service
Wholesale Softener Salt - Vern Dale Water Experts

Below are our commercial water softener salts available for delivery.

Additional salt options available. Fill out the form below to inquire about the various price options.

Pro’s Pick Dura-Cube

Pros Pick Dura-Cube Ultra High Purity Salt
  • Uniquely compacted shape for extra hardness
  • 99.8% pure salt
  • Can be used in any water conditioning unit
  • Helps prevent mushing, bridging and channeling
  • Designed to keep softeners clean and trouble-free

Pro’s Pick Red Out Dura-Cube

Pro’s Pick Red Out Dura-Cube
  • Formulated for use where iron content in water is high.
  • Unique, compact shape for extra hardness.
  • Minimum 99.8% pure salt.
  • FDA approved additive, prevents rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks, & tubs. Non-toxic to bacteria in septic tanks.
  • Reduces rust build up and keeps water units running longer.
  • Minimizes mushing and bridging

Diamond Crystal Bright & Soft Pellets

Diamond Crystal Bright Soft Softener Salt
  • Typical of 99.8% pure salt
  • High purity for use in all water softeners

Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Pellets

Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Pellets
  • Formulated for use where iron content in water is high
  • Pure salt, typically 99.6% sodium chloride
  • Highly effective, FDA approved rust-removing additive, considered non-toxic to bacteria in septic tanks
  • Helps prevent rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks, tubs and bathroom bowls

Diamond Crystal Salt Block

Diamond Crystal Bright Soft Salt Block
  • Typically 99.8% pure salt
  • Can be used in most systems

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