Water Softener Company

Replacement Products

Water Cooler, Filters, Salt and More

Vern Dale offers a vast array of replacement products for your convenience. Vern Dale Water Experts carry the most comprehensive supply of cartridge filters, bottled water coolers and bottled water and softening or specialty salts. You also get the most expert service and repair throughout the region.

Cartridge Filters

Water Cartridge Replacement Filters - Softener Cartridge Filters Refills

Vern Dale carries a full line of cartridge filters for many units — from Granular Activated Carbon to Pleated Polyester Filter to Carbon Block Filters and more. If Vern Dale doesn’t carry what you need, it can be ordered for you.

Water Coolers and Bottled Water

Water Cooler Service - Bottled Office Water

Bottled Water and Water Coolers are environmentally friendly, create less waste and are more convenient and affordable than buying case after case of one use bottled water.

Softener, Deicing and Other Salts

Pros Pick Dura-Cube Ultra High Purity Salt

Vern Dale carries an extensive variety of salts for specialty needs. Premium-purity (up to 99% pure) softening salt is available in cubes, blocks, pellets or crystals. Deicing salts, including a pet-friendly alternative, melt ice fast … even in low temperatures and without leaving residue.

Cleaners and Additives

Pro Products Rust Out Water Treatment Chemical

Installation, Service & Delivery

Vern Dale Water Experts Water Softener Installation and Service

Vern Dale's highly skilled technicians service most brands of water treatment equipment.