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Water Treatment Systems

Vern Dale offers water treatment systems ideal for your home.

Does your water actually smell? Are you tired of buildup on faucets and stains in your sinks and bathtubs? Your water should be pure and free of these and other common problems. Vern Dale will diagnose, recommend and install the right water treatment systems for your home.

View our line-up of water treatment systems below:

UV Water Treatment Systems

UV Water Treatment Systems
  • Effective disinfectant due to its strong germicidal ability 
  • Disinfects water containing bacteria and viruses 
  • Effective against protozoans like, Giardia Lamblia Cysts or Cryptosporidium Oocysts.

Chlorination Water Treatment System

Ultimate Chlorination Water Treatment System
  • For challenging water conditions 
  • Advanced water treatment technology for disinfecting water 
  • Removes high levels of sulfur and iron

Ultimate Iron Sulfur Water Treatment System

Ultimate Iron Sulphur System
  • Utilizes oxidation and filtration 
  • Highly effective at removing iron and sulfur from water 
  • Standalone or pair with a water softener

Ultimate Chem Free Iron Sulfur Water Treatment System

Ultimate Chem Free Iron Sulphur System
  • Removes high levels of iron, sulfur, and manganese 
  • Generates its own oxidizer, eliminating the need to add chemicals 
  • Environmentally friendly option

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Removes up to 99% of dissolved solids ensuring the closest thing to pure H2O 
  • Uses standard size filters ensuring low maintenance costs 
  • Larger supply lines that increase water volume and pressure 
  • Uses no electric

Enpress Cartridge Filter System

Enpress Cartridge Filter System
  • Customizable whole house filtration system 
  • Simple and easy replacement of cartridges
  • Matches the filtration solution with flow rate requirements 
  • Extended service life, contaminant removal, and dirt holding capacity 
  • Low pressure drop = high flow