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Ultimate High Efficiency "FE" Twin

Ultimate High Efficiency "FE" Twin

The Ultimate High Efficiency "FE" Twin is an exclusive Vern Dale Water Experts softener that can remove more iron than a standard water softener. This system uses a special resin with an increased surface area to remove more iron and uses less water to clean itself. The Twin "FE" also has an iron-out additive system that helps rinse the iron off the resin bed during cleaning. The twin tank "FE" cleans with softened water to prevent iron and hardness buildup in the tanks during cleaning and is the most efficient softener we sell.

Ultimate High Efficiency “FE” Twin Benefits

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Reduce Hard Water and Iron Stains

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Clear Skin; Fewer Breakouts

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Reduce Soap Consumption

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Increase Longevity of Water-Using Appliances

Product Details

  • Removes more iron than a standard water softener
  • Efficient on-demand system cleans only when needed
  • Unit can be customized to your specific application
  • 24 hours of continuous soft water
  • Cleans with soft water
  • Up to 30% more efficient on salt and water than a single tank unit
  • Industry-leading flow rates
  • Electric costs of approximately $1.53 per year
Ultimate High Efficiency "FE" Twin System
Ultimate High Efficiency "FE" Twin System