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Ultimate Softener Water Treatment Systems

The Ultimate Softener Control Valve is completely adjustable, allowing us to efficiently customize the system to your unique city or well water problems and needs. These customized settings of an Ultimate Softener distinguish it from other units on the market.

Water Softener Benefits

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Enjoy Softer Laundry

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Improve Appliance Efficiency

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Better Tasting Water

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Softer Hair

Product Details

  • Efficient on-demand system cleans only when needed.
  • Unit can be customized to your specific application.
  • One tool needed to disassemble the control valve, making service easy.
  • Industry leading flow rates.
  • High quality softening resin used in every system.
  • Electric costs of approximately $1.53 per year.
Ultimate Softener Water Treatment System
Ultimate Softener Water Treatment System