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Chlorination Systems

The Ultimate Chlorination Water Treatment System is the Vern Dale top-of-the line well water system, effectively eliminating iron, sulfur and bacteria from your water, while delivering bottle quality water to every faucet in your home. The Ultimate Chlorination Water Treatment System has a low cost of operation and is the go-to system for the most difficult water problems.

It works by injecting highly concentrated chlorine into the water and allowing the oxidation process to take place inside the retention tank. This ensures a proper oxidation time for full sulfur and iron removal. From there, the oxidized iron and sulfur is removed with a backwashing filter and the chlorine is removed with a carbon filter. The Ultimate Chlorination Water Treatment System ensures your water is clean and clear throughout the whole house.

Chlorination Systems Benefits

Water Softener Company Odor Nose Icon Vern Dale

Odorless Water

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Bottle Quality Faucet Water

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Reduce Buildup in Pipes

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Improve Appliance Efficiency

System Options

The Stenner Pump

The single head adjustable output pump is one of Stenner’s Classic Series pumps and is an ideal choice for treating problem water. The pump can inject water treatment solutions for pH control or to oxidize iron, hydrogen sulfide or manganese for removal by filtration. Disinfection, pH control or adjustment, corrosion and scale control and oxidation are common water treatment applications found in water conditioning.


Enpress Tank

Vern Dale Water Experts have chosen to utilize an Enpress-brand tank, from the nation’s fastest growing developer and manufacturer of composite pressure vessels for water treatment systems. Located near Cleveland, Ohio, they have over 75 years of combined engineering and manufacturing experience.

Product Details

Ultimate Chlorination Water Treatment Systems
Ultimate Chlorination Water Treatment Systems