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Pool Salt

50% off Freight on your First Semi Truck Load of Wholesale Pool Salt.

Vern Dale Water Experts help retailers and other businesses conveniently and affordably get their wholesale pool salt products delivered reliably and economically.

Wholesale Pool Salt

Diamond Crystal Splash Ready Pool Salt is naturally free of additives, it’s a safe alternative to chemical chlorine and provides the same level of clean.

Wholesale Pool Salt - Vern Dale Water Experts

Below are our pool softening salts available for delivery.

Diamond Crystal Splash Ready Pool Salt

Diamond Crystal Splash Ready Pool Salt for Salt Water Chorinators
  • Diamond Crystal® Splash Ready™ dissolves quickly and is recommended by manufacturers of salt water chlorinators for pools.
  • Less salt in your pool than found in a human teardrop, Splash Ready has a 99% salt purity level.

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