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Champ Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

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The Champ Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The Champ Reverse Osmosis drinking water system uses a four stage filtration process.  The water first goes through a sediment filter to remove any large particles.  It then goes through a carbon block filter which removes tastes, odors, and chemicals from your water.  The third stage, the most important stage, uses a semi-permeable membrane filtering down to the size of an atom.  The water is then stored in the pressure tank.  Lastly, when the water leaves the pressure tank it is filtered through the post carbon filter which acts as a polisher, ensuring you’re drinking the closest thing to pure H2O!

  • Every 6 months:  sediment, carbon, and post carbon filters should be changed.
  • Every 3 Years:  reverse osmosis membrane should be changed.  At this time, we recommend the unit, connecting lines, and faucet be sanitized.
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